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Bhai Dooj Memories

Here are some interesting Bhai Dooj Memories shared by our readers. These descriptions beautifully portray the the essence of brother-sister relationship and also throw light on the cultural significance of Bhai Dooj in India. If you also have experienced a touching moment on Bhai Dooj please share your Bhai Dooj memory with us. We shall publish your recollections of Bhai Dooj with your name on this page.

I Got My Brother On Bhai Dooj
I am blessed with four elder sisters but no brother. Although my sisters are protective and take good care of me, yet there always existed an underlying desire of having a brother. It was during my college days, two years ago, that a senior of mine became my close friend. He somehow sensed my need of having a brother. But nothing was said either by him or me. Then, he came to my house on a Bhai Dooj day. As I had no brother, there was no festive air in my house. Besides, as he was a regular visitor to my house I did not relate his visit to the auspicious occasion. Seeing my casualness, he said, I have come purposely today... Will you have me as your brother.. I was overjoyed to say anything. I fulfilled the Bhai Dooj rituals and took him as my brother.


Bhai Dooj – Most Special Day
The day of Bhai Dooj is extremely special to me. Four years ago, it was on the auspicious day of Bhai Dooj that I gave birth to my son, Aryan. His birth was extremely special to me as I had a daughter earlier. I always wished that she should be blessed with a brother. The desire was strong because I am myself extremely close to my brother and understand the beauty and joys of brother sister relationship. I am thankful for God that he blessed my daughter with a loving brother.
Mrs Sneh Kumar


Greatest Bhai Dooj Gift
I am very close to my eldest sister Juhi. Last year, on the occasion of Bhai Dooj she presented me a beautiful hand knitted sweater. Most special aspect of the gift was that it was a complete surprise for me, even though we live in the same house and spend a lot many hours together. My mom, who was sworn to secrecy up till now told me that for the past many months my sister had been knitting for hours late in the night to complete the sweater. Needless to say, I was touched by her love and thoughtfulness.
Gaurav Ghei