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Bhaidooj Regional Names

There are a number of interesting regional names for the beautiful festival of Bhai Dooj. These name explain and define the importance of the day when Bhai - Dooj is celebrated. Besides they also throw light on the various legends behind the festival and let us know why it is celebrated. Hence as one embarks on a journey into the fascinating world of various names behind the festival, one gets to understand the deeper meaning behind the celebrations and appreciate the customs even more.

And it is not just the name of the Bhai - Dooj which changes from region to region. At several places even the rituals related to the festival also differ. Yet what is remarkably same is the emotions attached with the festival. Everywhere brothers and sisters desperately wait for the arrival of Bhaiyya - Dooj. The festival gives them the opportunity to share golden childhood memories and to strengthen the bond of love that binds them in a beautiful relationship.

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