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Bhaidooj TikKa Gifts

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Once the festivities of Diwali are over, people get ready to celebrate one of the most beautiful bonds between a brother and sister. Bhai dooj or bhai tika as it is called, is a festival celebrated with different names and varied rituals all over the country.

Like many other Hindu festivals, Bhai Tika has its origin from legends in mythology. According to one such legend, Yamaraj – the god of death paid a visit to his twin sister called Yami or the river Yamuna. This is believed that Yamaraj went to meet his sister Yamuna on this day, who offered him aarti and a small gift. She also fed her brother to his heart’s content, which pleased the god of death. Yamaraj declared that any brother, who visits his sister on this day, will escape the fierce fire of Hell. There’s another story which says that Lord Krishna visited his sister Subhadra after killing Narakasura demon, who welcomed him by performing an aarti and putting a holy and protective tilak on his forehead.

Whatever the reason is behind celebrating bhai tika, it is one of the most pious festivals which gives a chance to meet your siblings and pray for their well being. Make this day more special by sending bhaidooj tika gifts to your brother or sister staying in India or abroad. Send bhai tika to any country in this world and let your brother know how special he is for you.